gonna pump you up

November 15th, 2001

Pike has jumped into the (very polite) fray.

I think it’s great that we’re able to ‘blog philosophical’ while respecting each other’s views.

The Garden of Eden question raised by Pike reminds me of another ongoing discussion with Tim. Luckily, this gives me an opportunity to drag it out of the religious context and into the development (personal and programming) context.

I’ve been flabby for over a decade. It’s from lack of excercise. I eat right (although I’m reducing the volume), but I haven’t been calling upon my muscles to do any work, so they’ve become loose and aren’t there when I need them. I’m gonna have to work out to fix this.

I haven’t been doing much Perl lately. I found a need recently and I actually had to look up how to find how many elements there are in a hash (scalar keys %hash). If I had been excercising my Perl skills, it would have been right there in my brain.

I’ve had two clients this year end up owing me money. I had not planned for it. I’ve built up a buffer against this now.

We all had a remarkably shitty thing enter our lives a couple of months ago. We’re all stronger for having reassessed our lives, adjusted our perspective.

If our children are insulated from conflict, difficulties, danger, they will not develop the skills and immunities necessary to survive emotionally or physically.

Back to my point. One’s ethics and psyche will only build and then remain strong if excercised. Without the forbidden fruit, there would not have been an opportunity to learn from the ethical experience. I’ve gotta say again though that forever is a bit of a hard lesson.

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