The shell game

November 12th, 2001

Dave Rothgery points out that MSDN has changed around its subscriptions quite a bit, inserting new levels and adjusting other ones. What used to be “Professional” is now “Operating Systems” and Professional now gets Visual Studio and Visual Foxpro (does anyone really use that?).

All well and good.

My renewal notice didn’t tell me that. Did I pitch out some marketing blather that came with my last MSDN shipment – I dunno, I’m no longer very discriminating about what I throw out before even looking at it since almost everything in my mailboxes, physical and virtual, is useless, absolutely insulting crap.

Take a look at my renewal notice – does it tell me what I need to know? Does it give me clear options other than those which extract more money out of me?

If you want my business, you gotta meet me more than halfway. Don’t accidentally forget to be clear that I have options that might suit me better and save me money.

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