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Publishers are E-Learning the ropes.

Thursday, May 2nd, 2002

Tim Aiello has noticed that big publishing is realizing there is some value in the internet. Go read what Tim has to say.

I worked closely with Tim on the QuikkTutor product – a remarkably advanced live internet collaboration tool that works entirely within the browser.


Psss! – Hey, Dallas Morning News! – your clue is: redirect

Wednesday, May 1st, 2002

Wired News reports that the Dallas Morning News has a daft, impossible to enforce Terms of Service page forbidding deep linking on their site. You MUST link only to their main page, they say, as they contend that by using their site you have entered into a legal agreement to be bound by these terms that are behind an unobtrusive link at the bottom of their page that you’re not forced to view.

Of course, they do nothing at all to enforce this via the web server. Anybody with even the remotest clue of running a web server could enforce single-point entry. But NOOOO, they’d rather fritter away their lives in petty litigation about linking than simply stop it from being possible.

It makes you wonder whether their web services people must be in collusion with the guys they get to do their cease and desist letters.