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babies and bathwater

Saturday, September 8th, 2001

This is what happens when you try to avoid using cookies. Verizon’s
URL-based sessionID avoids using cookies for people who are worried about security and privacy implications and ends up opening up a much worse security and privacy hole for everyone.

True Story:

It was one of those questions from my wife that I just can’t supply an answer to without getting myself in trouble.

“Look, here it says this local bar is having a ‘Thong Contest’. Do you think I should enter?”

Gack. Think Think Think….

“Don’t be thilly, you couldn’t thing to thave your life.”


dot hot

Wednesday, September 5th, 2001

Although I’m less and less enamoured of Microsoft’s greedy business shenanigans, their technology continues to seriously impress me.  Have a look at Charles Carroll’s ASPNG site to see how damned powerful, comprehensive, and once learned, easy to use this ASP.NET stuff is.

Chris observed yesterday about the world-famousness of things.  I have often wondered just exactly where it is that you go to check the Global Registry of Chinese Buffet Dimensions in order to make sure your local restaurant has indeed got the World’s Largest Chinese Buffet.

Tim Morgan: “Live by the expando: die by the expando.”