Net Neutrality – sit up and take notice

April 23rd, 2007

If you haven’t yet sat up and taken notice of the Net Neutrality issue, now is the time to start.

Here are some essential posts to bring you up to speed:

2 comments to “Net Neutrality – sit up and take notice”

  1. Here’s what the Google’s and Amazon.com’s of the world don’t want you to know about their fight for net neutrality:

    “Companies like Google and Yahoo advocate regulation of broadband-access providers primarily in efforts to protect their profits in a fast-moving and disruptive e-commerce market…although net-neutrality proponents claim that Internet regulation is needed to assist “the next Google,” they really intend to stop high-speed-data-network owners like cable and phone companies from making reasonable returns on their heavy capital investments.”

    I am working with a coalition (Hands Off the Internet) to prevent such government regulation of the internet.

  2. Here’s who’s behind the handsoff.org site, so readers can understand their perspective:


    Here’s another point of view on the infrastructure issues: