Friends and Family

October 9th, 2003

My younger daughter Rachel turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, and Jasmine turned 11 just this week. I’ve been working too hard and too long of late. How do I know? Rachel read me “Hop On Pop” tonight – by herself, phonetically sounding out the words she didn’t know. It’s a woeful testament to my recent levels of work obsession that this surprised me.

With people like Roland so ably blogging the play-by-play at BloggerCon and the recent BlogWare launch, I’ve been talking to my wife Clare at dinner about these local Toronto guys Ross and Joey. So Rachel says “Ross and Joey? Are they the guys on Friends?”.

Kids, ya gotta love’em.

One comment to “Friends and Family”

  1. Hi Brent:

    Thanks for the link. You’re right, Ross and Joey sound like the Friends guys 🙂 !