Light bulb turning on

March 14th, 2003

Even Scott himself had to have this lightbulb turn on as it just did for me when reading this description of his epiphany.

I had thought that Feedster was cool but wasn’t quite sure of its killer usefulness. You see, since it’s based on current RSS feeds, its relevance follows a fairly narrow sliding window stretching only a few days at most into the past. After all, Google and the Wayback machine have much longer memories.

The cool thing is, though, many times I have seen something within the past day or so but can’t tell you where. I know it has been on one of the 100 or so blogs I regularly visit, or one or two clicks away from them. Drives me up the wall all the time.

Also, one of the features I love/hate best with Radio is that once I have read something, I mark it and delete it and it doesn’t remain to clutter up my reading. I love that. I also hate that, because oftentimes I hit the delete button and two minutes later wonder who had said that interesting tidbit. It’s too early to go looking on google for it – won’t be indexed yet. Even so, I’d rather search only my sphere of relevance rather than pull in the entire net’s search result.

One comment to “Light bulb turning on”

  1. The killer usefullness of Feedster – current events research and public perception thereof. Faster than a gallop poll. Able to leap mass media “spin” in a single bound. X-ray vision that can see through bias. Stronger than a single letter to an elected representative. Vulnerable only to the vagarities of human nature.