Eh-oh, Windows! Eh-oh, Po!

February 20th, 2003

I finally gave XP a try on my new machine.

The bold primary colours, the fonts and pictures, the icons and widgets that look like alphabet blocks, the condescending tone of the prompts, the wizards that assume you’re an imbecile, the Teletubby landscape background, the automatic password-free signon, the invitation to hold on to the MSN rope so you don’t get lost – it’s a FUCKING KINDERGARTEN.

Yes, I know it’s essentially Win2k underneath, if you can dig through all the sugar and crap to get to it. And even then, I’d never be quite sure that some handholding automaton isn’t going to come along and readjust my environment “for my comfort and convenience” after I’ve set things up Just So.

That partition only lasted 35 minutes. Buh-bye Tinkywinky. Buh-bye Po. Good morning Windows 2000, thanks for not trying to wipe my ass for me.

4 comments to “Eh-oh, Windows! Eh-oh, Po!”

  1. Apparently, there’s more to XP than just Win2k + candy GUI. But, I’d personally go back to Win2k myself if the wife didn’t like the quick logon switching feature so much…

  2. The are only 2 winXP features that I really appreciate:
    Application collapsing in the taskbar
    View by Header in the file list: For view by date, this puts headers Today, This week, last week, for by Name, you get A, B, C headers. Makes it much easier to scan directories with lots of files

  3. To mirror rick’s comments… XP is basically the OS for females. My wife loves the switching feature, the pictures, some of the icon schemes, built in MSN Messenger and the stability. I am almost positive the M$ built this to get women on board…

    And you know how women can affect men’s spending/decision making habits… So there ya go…

  4. Don’t like that XP sends info to Microsoft ?? Then install a utility
    that prevents sending info on whatever subject you want !! Piece of
    cake and it’s for free. Also don’t like the boot logo ?? Replace it by
    for example ‘XP Pirated Version’. Don’t know the exact website but it
    surely can be done. No need to mention that Microsoft doesn’t like it
    but who cares ?!