Time to pull the blinds

October 17th, 2002

I’m finally dropping Robert Scoble’s RSS feed. There was a time when he had some insightful things to say, but lately I’ve just been waiting for him to post photos of his hickeys. I really am trying to be happy for his newfound naivete and lovestruck giddyness – I really do appreciate that it’s a fantastic force in his life, but it’s an ongoing spectacle I somehow feel uncomfortable being privy to in an increasing way. My brain’s auto-meta-tagger taxonomy engine wants to recategorize him from useful industry bellwether to the highly ignorable zits-and-angst teen blog category.

Robert and Rageboy seem both to be running around wagging their boners in the air lately (although RageBoy in a more abstruse and discreet way). Must be a California thing. I’m happy for them to be bonking like bunnies, but guys, consider pulling the blinds, or start using categories and let me spare myself the soap opera. For now, I’ll just avert my eyes.

5 comments to “Time to pull the blinds”

  1. Even before the lovestruck giddyness, I’ve moved Scoble to the ignorable zits-and-angst teen blog category.

  2. Interesting post, but don’t you think it’s a little extreme to publicly slam a weblogger for not being sufficiently entertaining any longer? I dump RSS feeds all the time for various reasons, but talking about these desubscriptions publicly seems a bit harsh.

  3. Hey, I refuse to grow up! 🙂

    Part of the problem is there just is so little technology to talk about right now and we have so many more bloggers covering what there is.

    The other problem is I just went through 18 months of extreme chaos in my life. I write my weblog for myself and part of cleaning up that chaos is coming to terms with it on my weblog.

    I’ll try to get back to important stuff, though. After the wedding is over my life will get back to normal and things should get interesting again.

  4. Rogers: I considered it might sound harsh and tried to make it obvious that I’m not trying to be an ogre about it, but you could view it as a mirror example to Robert’s postings, whereby I’m saying more about what I’m thinking than you’re comfortable hearing.

    Robert: I’m glad you can see that I don’t mean to deflate you but to point out that there’s alternate viewpoints.

    Hmmm. I guess I’ll likely be answering some not altogether supportive mail for a bit then.

  5. True. And funny.