Spin Correction

June 18th, 2002

Scott mustn’t use his own IMSaver tool.

Today he quotes me with an opinion on www.webskylines.com:

My buddy Craig Bosko, the guy behind www.webskylines.com, has his new site up. His previous site was very, very flash centric, so much so that Brent, when he saw it, commented to me that he didn’t think Craig could do HTML at all. That is just SO not true that I passed it on.

He attributes that quote to me from this conversation from May 1st (verbatim including typos):

thatbrentguy (09:15:12 PM): I like the look of IMsaver – very slick. that’s
something I’m not good at. at least yet
fuzzygroup (09:15:24 PM): www.webskylines.com
fuzzygroup (09:15:49 PM): Good guy. Great designer. Good friend. Tell him I sent you if you ever need anything. He’ll give you a break.
thatbrentguy (09:16:22 PM): good to know he can do good html design. the flash would have sent me running the other way.
fuzzygroup (09:16:54 PM): Yup. I’m going to copy that comment to him so he knows about that.
thatbrentguy (09:17:15 PM): heh heh. I’ll sltand behind it. the latest
macromedia push gives me the shivers.

It reads a little differently in context. I don’t mind at all being quoted, but when I’m quoted as saying disparaging things about others in their absense, it helps to be precise about what was said.

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