Big Media Encroachment

March 26th, 2002

Dan Gillmor invites us all to take a stand against the tide of Big Media control plays. We are indeed the collective frog in the pot as the temperature rises, notch by notch.

As Oprah would say, You go, Gillmor.

2 comments to “Big Media Encroachment”

  1. You think? I thought his opinions were a bit extreme/paranoid/reductionist.

    He may not be a music thief, but most of the rest of us are, and I don’t blame record companies for experimenting in new copy protection technology.

    And I think it can be a little ‘sheepish’ of some people to jump on the ‘fight for my rights’ bandwagon without fully considering ‘well, what are my rights’ and ‘are these my rights even though they infringe on other peoples rights’ etc.

  2. I might agree with you, Cade, if the CBDTPA wasn’t such an obvious, desperate attempt to punish the technology sector as well as comsumers. I’ve never used Napster, so what about my right to purchase devices that don’t have invasive controls that can limit what I can and cannot do with it?

    You really think it’s going to stop there? How long after will there be “security systems” that track your buying habits, turning your desktop into a “Amazon recommends” sales pipe?

    The inability of some people to forward-think these things astounds me.