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March 13th, 2002

Dougal is looking for Netscape 4.x Sucks articles.


Dear FM100.2;

Why can’t I hear your radio station in full hi-fidelity stereo on my monaural transistor radio? It works fine when I use my home stereo system. Why do you design your radio station to only support certain radios? My AM radio in my car doesn’t even get your station. You could at least design it to degrade gracefully.

Signed Joe User


Memo from Marketing to Tech Staff:

Guys, come on, stop being prima donnas and give our customers what they need. Our stats show us that a full 8% of our audience tries to tune us in on AM radios. I don’t care how, you have to provide them with the SAME experience as other users. Everyone must have exactly the same experience or you’ll ruin our branding initiative.


v 1.1 Release Notes:

– reduced audio to 16khzmono to unify experience across platforms
– put hooks in to accomodate split AM/FM transmission in future
– scrapped plans for digital station id – not cross-radio compatible.

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