choosing your battles

March 19th, 2001

it’s all about what you’re trying to solve. the inability of most current browsers to do SOAP or XML-RPC outta the box will be solved by the arrival of the next generation of browsers. any attempts to get it happening before that will result in two things:

  1. a temporary bridge to the future
  2. a permanent bridge to the past

i have to agree with the webstandards folks that we’ve gotta stop pandering to those who refuse to get with the program.

the upshot of this is that i’m not going to pursue hacky, kludged SOAP and XML-RPC colostomy bag add-ons. for now i’ll use my trusted sherpa guide remote scripting to keep the UI smooth, and do the real acrobatics on the server side where I can already use XML-based RPC in all its splendour

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