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11 May 2005 - I've just come back from the Ajax Summit hosted by O'Reilly and Adaptive Path. See my comments on my blog.

15 Feb 2004 - released jsrs2.4 with Ruby support from Ian Marsman
also announced Javascript::RPC CPAN module for Perl by Brian Cassidy

22 Oct 2003 - released jsrs2.3 with Konqueror/Safari compatibility from Nick Burch

10 Aug 2003 - released jsrs2.2 with Opera 7 compatibility from Nick Burch

19 Feb 2003 - released jsrs2.13 with python files from Laurent VASSEUR

12 Feb 2003 - I built JSRS in the summer of 2000 and have evolved it from there with everyone's help. It's been a useful tool to me and others are finding it useful too.

Unfortunately, I can't continue spending the same level of effort with JSRS that I have been. I get a couple of emails most days and I respond to all of them, sometimes in great detail and over a number of messages. On the most part, people are kind and appreciative of my time, very rarely they are demanding and inconsiderate.

Any time I spend on this is time that I'm not working, and as an independent consultant and family man, I have to budget my volunteer time. I want to move on to new innovative things.

The forum here has helped to answer some questions that I would otherwise have had to address. I'm going to leave it running so people can continue to benefit from it, and I'm going to keep my RS pages up too. This should be able to run itself without me at this point.

If anyone cares to continue updating JSRS, I'll be glad to designate them as the authoritative source and post any updates they give me to the download area.

If you have a specific need for my help, I can be contracted to work with you. Contact me to discuss rates and availability.

12 Feb 2003 - Thycotic has released a remote scripting client for Dot Net, based on JSRS.

11 Nov 2002 - Fantastic example of JSRS in action from Patrick Boyle

08 Sep 2002 - JSRS 2.12 released - fixed parameters not working properly when register_globals is off

20 Aug 2002 - I've discontinued redistribution of the HTTP-POST modified Microsoft Remote Scripting files to avoid potential copyright concerns.

18 Jun 2002 - JSRS 2.11 released with PHP auto variable declaration fixed. Thanks to Steen Rabøl

10 Jun 2002 - JSRS 2.1 released with Mozilla 1.0 POST support

24 Apr 2002 - has a JSRS-based Country/State/City cascading select box arrangement that works really nicely.

21 Apr 2002 - I don't know why I didn't link to this before, I think I must be losing it. Simon Warrick did some great work on Select a county at the top right...

17 Apr 2002 - Daniel Lucazeau has done a neat map colouring program with JSRS

03 Apr 2002 - Tim Morgan has a neat DOM-based RS thang happening called DOMRS

03 Apr 2002 - Vui K. Lo sent a Cold Fusion port for JSRS. I've included it in the file. I'm slowly starting to test POST fix submissions to see what can be merged in. I have a promising-looking NS4 POST version from Vladimir Kokovic but it needs some more testing. There are also submissions from Edward Hart and Nigel Maddocks that I need to take a look at.

27 Mar 2002 - Numerous people have sent me files and suggestions for JSRS. I've been very busy and have not been able to update things, so I've decided to open up a discussion forum so that interested people can at least help each other while I'm trying to find the time myself. Here it is.

18 Feb 2002 - I've written a small chat app using JSRS so people can talk to me when visiting my weblog. You can see it there at

30 Jan 2002 - Lots of attention from Eric's article - Danne Lundqvist has a very nice alternative script-tag-based approach to remote scripting

29 Jan 2002 - Eric Costello of has written an article for Apple about remote scripting.

07 Jan 2002 - Paul Rydell has a killer AI chat box powered by JSRS.

01 Jan 2002 - I've decided to replace my NT server with a Linux box. This means I no longer run ASP on my site. I've changed the SELECT demo to PHP/MySql and the RSLite demo to PHP. All of the ASP files are still in the distribution zips, however.

08 Dec 2001 - Another link for the gallery - Thanks Andrea! Andrea Moro coded a set of dependent selections using JSRS at Gastronomick

15 Nov 2001 - Tested Opera 6 beta today - RSLite works, JSRS doesn't.

08 Nov 2001 - I'm interested in any links you can provide to working public JSRS implementations for my links gallery.

07 Nov 2001 - Area man goes nuts with HTML/CSS website redesign. News at 11.

06 Nov 2001 - I'm starting to see a lot of people wanting to migrate to JSRS from MSRS due to the Windows XP release and lack of builtin JVM. I'll gladly help with tips where I can. I'm also available for consulting and programming on Remote Scripting issues (among other things). Just email me at to arrange something.

17 Oct 2001 - Finally got PHP running on this box and added PHP button to test page. What the hell took me so long, I dunno.

07 Oct 2001 - Tim Scarfe has written a neat OOP HTML Buffer thingmy which loads HTML in the background. No need to introduce the complexity of making an RPC call if you just want to grab some content, munge it, display it, all that jazz.

12 Sep 2001 - RSLite 1.0 released using Cookie method. VERY SIMPLE one-call-at-a-time remote scripting.

28 Aug 2001 - Peter Bromberg made a useful working example from my cookie discussion below.

21 Aug 2001 - Scott Andrew LePera has built a really neat XML-RPC client using JSRS, PHP and a bunch of clever code.

05 Aug 2001 - Jim Davis sent me a link to his article he wrote about doing the remote scripting thing with Cold Fusion and cookies. Great examples and detail. Thanks to Patrick Whittingham for making the connection.

25 Jul 2001 - How to do a form of remote scripting without frames or layers using images and cookies!!

18 Jul 2001 - Due to popular demand I've updated the select demo to show how to use an Access database on the server side.

Maybe you've seen my blog...

30 May 2001 - Martin Ko is developing a JSP-based MSRS server-side solution. Have a look at his progress here.

17 May 2001 - Erik Hatcher's second article showcasing JSRS at IBM Developerworks

20 Mar 2001 - a fabulous example of JSRS in use at CAnet on the CAnet Traffic Map. Hervé Guy really did a great job on this. Remember it's very data and graphics intensive and therefore works best with a high-speed connection.

03 Mar 2001 - JSRS wins an award! Planet Source Code Contest Winner

27 Feb 2001 - try my JSRS Select Box demo. Fills select boxes from JSRS calls to server and works with IE4+, NS4, NS6, Mozilla

22 Feb 2001 - see Erik Hatcher's RS article on IBM DeveloperWorks including server-side Java Servlet that works for both MS RS and JSRS