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11 May 2005 - I've just come back from the Ajax Summit hosted by O'Reilly and Adaptive Path. See my comments on my blog.

Thycotic has released a remote scripting client for Dot Net, based on JSRS.

Fantastic example of JSRS in action from Patrick Boyle

Daniel Lucazeau has done a neat map colouring program with JSRS

Eric Costello's article for Apple about remote scripting.

Danne Lundqvist has a very nice alternative script-tag-based approach to remote scripting

Paul Rydell has a killer AI chat box powered by JSRS.

Scott Andrew LePera's XML-RPC client using JSRS, PHP and a bunch of clever code.

Chris Nott describes how he used a cookie-based remote scripting technique on the NikeID site.

Erik Hatcher's first and second articles showcasing JSRS at IBM Developerworks

Erik's webreview article on pushing messages to a browser using remote scripting.

Peter Bromberg's Egghead Cafe article

Martin Ko's JSP-based MSRS server-side solution is here.

A fabulous example of JSRS in use at CAnet on the CAnet Traffic Map. Hervé Guy really did a great job on this. Remember it's very data and graphics intensive and therefore works best with a high-speed connection.

Andrea Moro coded a set of dependent selections using JSRS at Gastronomick

the ASPFriends ASPRemoteScripting mailing list

aspdeveloper RS links - lots of great RS links

Remote Scripting Tips from Microsoft MVP Michael Harris as found in the MS Remote Scripting newsgroup which is the best place to discuss MS RS and JSRS

Eric Costello's CSS Pages. I used his CSS as a basis for this site's design.