Jasmine Ashley, Heimlich Hero

August 22nd, 2004

I had a serious choking episode today at sunday dinner with my wife’s family. I was probably only a few seconds from losing consciousness when my 11-year-old daughter Jasmine came to my rescue and used the Heimlich manoeuvre on me, dislodging the chunk of roast beef from my windpipe.

I’m very proud of Jasmine for recognizing the problem, knowing exactly what to do, and stepping right in to deal with it.

I was surprised that a kid of her size could effectively perform the manoeuvre on her 6-ft 230-pound dad. Take my advice – learn about choking and how to deal with it, no matter how old you are.

7 comments to “Jasmine Ashley, Heimlich Hero”

  1. HI its krystina your best friend! i just found this blog while i was surfing! cool!!! your famous:P jkz!ne wayz i just thought it would be cool to leave a message! bye

  2. hi low jasmine. im on the phone with you right now and your playing a song on your guitar. well gotta run, not literally, buhbye

  3. haha i’m famous! i’m in business class right now. lol i showed peopel that i’m famous haha. i’m so cool i did CPR on my dad. woot! haha. bye

  4. Hi there.

    Guess what? My daughter is called Jasmine Ashley too, shes only 8 months old though, but its unusual to find someone with the same name. I just googled it and up you came – heimlich hero:o)
    Anyways hope your good – even though you have no idea who I am.
    Take Care

    Jasmine and Tove Ashley

  5. HAHAHAHAHA jasmines a hero:P

    good job

    save your daddy, hes cool

    RIGHT BRENT? lol

    teh haxx0r

  6. lmaoo, domenic.

    i wonder if my dad still looks at this..

  7. I don’t look at it regularly, but I do get notified when you comment on it!