the right tool for the job part 2

March 19th, 2002

Have I told you that Netscape 4.x Sucks?


Dear Admiral Motor Company;

Why can’t I repair my 2002 Admiral 3-door hatchback with my trusty set of all-imperial measure socket wrenches? My brother has no problem with his newer socket set which includes metric heads. Whenever I try to turn a bolt, it doesn’t quite fit and I get a suboptimal user experience. Why have you started to design your cars so they can’t be repaired by everyone? You could at least only select a subset of nut sizes for your vehicles that closely approximates my socket set.

Signed Joe User


Memo from Marketing to Production

Guys, come on, quit being unnecessarily innovative with “standards” and give our customers what they need. Please retool the assembly line to use only those bolts that everyone can turn. Our studies show us that up to 10% of home mechanics and some large shops have resisted the global move to metric tools. We’re losing a significant amount of their valuable business.


engineering drawing change summary:

– changed all 20mm bolts to 25mm to approximate 1″. Moved essential parts for extra clearance.
– changed all 10mm bolts to 12mm to approximate 1/2″.
– changed all bolts to titanium alloy to reduce head stripping from poorly fitting socket wrenches.

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  1. Can’t wait for part 3.